Motorcycle Gloves Sizing

Motorcycle Gloves Sizing

Most motorcycle riders don’t care about gloves sizing. They buy the bike and the helmet and forget to consider the size of their gloves because they think they are not important. However, your hands can only be safe if they are inside gloves. If you go for the wrong size of gloves, they will never be comfortable on your hands.

When shopping for motorcycle gloves on the internet, you should go for reputable brands that have a high number of positive reviews. Besides that, you should only purchase gloves from a dealer that has a fair return policy.

This is because you might need to return gloves that don’t fit well. Most online dealers offer glove sizing charts to their customers for the sake of helping buyers order for the right fit. Below are some tips that can help you get your perfect fit.

Proper Glove Fit

Gloves should feel like another skin on your hands. If they are too tight, your hands will be vulnerable to blisters. You should put them on so that you can experience their tightness. Once they are on your hands, you should try holding the bars of your bike. If you feel pain in some parts of your hands, they are definitely the wrong size. But don’t put the gloves to the test by folding your hands because they will feel comfortable.

The handle bar is the ideal tool for trying out gloves. If the gloves are oversized, you will experience difficulty when moving your fingers. You might even put two fingers in the same slot without knowing. In some cases, turning on the control buttons can be difficult if the gloves are oversized.

As a rule of thumb, your fingers should be close to the tips but not exactly touching them. There are actually gloves for riders with long and short fingers. There are three categories of motorcycle gloves:

  • Racing Gloves: These gloves come with pre-curved fingers to give the rider an edge while on the track. They are fairly tight to enable the racer to use controls and signals without any difficulty. They come with a rugged finish to give the racer a firm grip over the handle bars.
  • Touring Gloves: These are meant for the regular user that commutes on a daily basis. They come with breathing holes so that the fingers remain aerated during long rides.
  • Weather Motorcycle Gloves: These are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are fitted with thick padding material to protect the user from the cold especially during winter. Some gloves in this category are spacious enough to allow the rider to wear glove liners.

Leather and Textile Gloves

Gloves made from leather material are the best. They can survive extreme punishment for a long period of time. They are actually resistant to water and offer maximum protection against abrasion. Leather can actually stretch up to five percent of their original size. It’s therefore recommended that you settle for those that are a little bit tight because the size will definitely change after regular usage due to stretching. Gloves constructed from textile materials don’t stretch at all. It’s therefore important for the rider to go for a pair that fits well.

Using Glove Charts for Sizing

Glove size charts are reserved for online shoppers because they are limited by distance. In most charts, the rider is supposed to put his hand on a flat panel and measure the width of his palm using a tape measure. It’s actually the area before the knuckles that should be measured because that part is wider than the rest of the hand. There are riders that have palms that are not of the same size. It’s therefore recommended that you measure both of your hands so that you can see the difference in size.

American Cut and European Cut

Gloves manufacturers use either American or European cut. Motorcycle gloves that are made using American standards tend to be larger in size while European cut gloves are usually smaller. It’s therefore important to consider the cut you want before making your order. If you were to order one pair of gloves from the two standards, you would notice that the small size gloves will feel bigger if they are American cut but feel smaller when they are from European cut standards.

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