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Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves Review

Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves are a game changer. They are made from natural cowhide. They are therefore designed to last for a very long time which helps you save the money that would have been wasted on replacement gloves.

With these gloves, you can be sure that you will be spared from the pain that comes from abrasions and other injuries. The knuckle guards are actually made from a microfiber material. They can therefore survive any kind of impact. In case you are involved in an accident, it’s the microfiber that will take all the punishment. The good thing is that they don’t wear out easily.

Other than boosting your safety, the microfiber material keeps your knuckles warm when the weather is cold. Besides that, the gloves are designed to be water proof which gives you the freedom to wear them when riding in the rain. The stitches have been done twice to make them strong. The palm is covered with foam to prevent sliding on the ground and enable the rider to get a firm grip of the handles.

The gloves come with maximum dexterity to allow the rider to make adjustments of the controls at ease. The rider can actually raise or lower the visor and turn on indicator buttons without any difficulty. The fingers are pre-curved to allow for stress free wearing and removal. There is a hook and loop locking system at the wrist that’s meant for fastening the gloves.


  • Premium gloves
  • Made from drum dyed cowhide
  • Available in various sizes
  • Mega flow airing system
  • High level dexterity


  • Hook and loop locking system
  • Double stitched seams
  • Microfiber knuckle guards
  • Padded palm
  • Water resistant
  • Firm grip
  • Pre-folded fingers


  • No reflective material
  • Expensive


Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves will give you an impressive riding experience. You will no longer have to worry about getting injured because even if you fall with a thud, you will come out of the scene without any damages. The gloves give you the freedom to focus on your goals while on the road and forget about the obstacles which in return transforms you into a professional rider.

With a double padded palm, your hands will be out of reach because all the shock will be taken by the outer shell. You won’t even slide on the ground due to the fact that the palm and the back of the hand are rugged to reduce potential friction. There is no object that can prick through the gloves because they have knuckle guards that are constructed from microfiber material.


Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves is a masterpiece but their cost can give you a run for your money. If you are on a low budget, you can opt for Tonsiki Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Gloves or OMGAI Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves.

Tonsiki Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Gloves are made from PVC material that has been blended with synthetic fabric materials. The gloves are therefore resistant to weather which means you can ride comfortably through the rain. The gloves feature suede protection to ensure that they remain in good condition despite being exposed to extreme conditions. The knuckles of the rider are protected by the hard shell that’s surrounded by rubber. The fingers come pre-folded for simplified wearing and removal. As a matter of fact, the fingers and the palm are rugged to prevent sliding. There is a Velcro adjustment on the wrist that is meant for fastening the gloves. Additionally, there are reflective parts to enhance the visibility of the rider at night.

OMGAI Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves are designed to be multi-purpose. They can be used for various tasks. They are made from high quality microfiber material which makes them durable in the long run. The seams feature double stitches so that they can remain intact regardless of any impact that is thrown at them. The knuckles are protected by rubber material. You can therefore fall many times and not suffer from any injuries. The gloves can be easily cleaned using a wet piece of cloth. The gloves have sensors installed on the index and thumb fingers to allow the rider to operate mobile devices.


All the credit goes to Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves. The gloves are made from high quality leather material. The gloves come with double stitched seams and microfiber knuckle protection. The downside is that they lack reflective parts that are needed when giving hand signals at night. They are also more costly than the other gloves.

Tonsiki Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Gloves is the second best deal on the list. They are actually the cheapest gloves. The gloves come with rugged fingers and padded palms. They also feature hard shell knuckle protection. The downside is that they can only be cleaned using a machine.

OMGAI Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves are at the bottom of this ranking. The gloves lack any reflective material that would make them ideal for giving hand signals at night. However, they still rock because they can be used for various purposes and have knuckles cages that are made from rubber.

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