Protect the King Motorcycle Gloves

Protect the King Motorcycle Gloves Review

Protect the King Motorcycle Gloves are very durable because they are made from high quality leather material. They are the type of accessories that you buy once and for all. One pair can actually serve you for many years without requiring replacement. The gloves have an inner lining to keep you warm throughout the ride. You can also ride comfortably in the rain while wearing these gloves thanks to their water proof leather material.

The gloves are available in various sizes that range between small and extra large. All you have to do is use their sizing chart before you make an order. The palms are fitted with pads to make them resistant to sliding and offer the rider a strong grip on the handle bars.

You can operate your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets while wearing these gloves. This is due to the fact they feature Golden Touch technology.

Besides that, your hand signals will not go unnoticed by other motorists because these gloves are fitted with bright blue patches that extend from the middle of each individual finger.

The seams are sealed with double stitching to make them resistant to wear and tear. In fact, the seams have smooth edges that can’t be felt by your fingers on the inner side of the gloves. The gloves won’t come off during a crash because there is a Rubberized Sure-Lock Velcro Closure system at the wrist section that’s reserved for fastening them.

The gloves feature embossed knuckle protection that keep your fingers safe from crash impact. Wearing the gloves is pretty simple because they come with pre-curved fingers. Abrasions and other injuries will be history when you wear these gloves. This is because there are double layers of leather to ensure that the impact of any crash won’t reach your skin.

You are guaranteed to enjoy fresh air during the ride because the gloves feature a PTK airflow system that allows air to go in and out through small holes without compromising your safety.


  • Leather construction
  • Inner lining
  • Easily visible blue patches
  • Slide resistant
  • Double layered leather
  • Reinforced palms


  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Embossed knuckle protection
  • PTK airflow system
  • Rubberized Sure-Lock Velcro Closure system
  • Double stitched seams
  • Golden Touch technology


  • Requires machine wash
  • Not ideal for hand signals at night
  • Expensive


Protect the King Motorcycle Gloves are highly recommended for any rider that values comfort and safety. The gloves give the confidence to ride with peace of mind. You will never suffer from abrasions or any other injury on your hands. This is because the gloves have two layers of leather material. The fingers are also safe due to the inclusion of embossed knuckle protection. Whether the weather is cold or hot, you will still enjoy wearing these gloves. There is actually a PTK Airflow system that allows fresh air to circulate inside the gloves.


Protect the King Motorcycle Gloves are your ultimate riding partner. However, there are other gloves in the market that can be compared with them. They include ILM Motorcycle Gloves and TCBunny Pro-Biker Motorcycle Gloves.

There are currently more than 200 customer reviews for ILM Motorcycle Gloves on Amazon. To start, the gloves come with an elegant design that will definitely make heads turn when you wear them. These gloves can withstand any level of punishment.

They feature knuckle cages that are constructed from steel and other alloys. Your fingers are therefore protected from most injuries that can be experienced during a crash. The entire back of the gloves is designed to be resistant to sliding.

Even the rain can’t stop you from riding because the gloves are resistant to water. The palm is padded with foam to offer a strong grip. There is a locking system at the wrist for fastening the gloves.

The other alternative is TCBunny Pro-Biker Motorcycle Gloves. These gloves rock like no other and may be that’s why there are currently more than 700 customer reviews for TCBunny Pro-Biker Motorcycle Gloves. The gloves come with reflective points to ensure that your hand signals can be seen by other road users at night.

The gloves are made from high quality leather and fiber material. Your hands can breathe from all angles because the gloves are fitted with 3D fabric mesh. The palm and the back of the hand feature hard shell reinforcement to offer the rider total protection from injuries. The foam diverts all the shock that is directed towards the hands.


TCBunny Pro-Biker Motorcycle Gloves is the best deal in this ranking. The gloves are the cheapest and yet come with advanced features. They are fitted with reflective points that are useful at night for making hand signals. The downside is that they can only be washed using a machine. ILM Motorcycle Gloves is the second best deal in this ranking.

The gloves feature knuckle cages that are made from steel. There are double stitches on the seams to give them a long lifespan. The downside is that they don’t come with reflective points which make them unsuitable for making hand signals at night.

Protect the King Motorcycle Gloves are at the bottom of this ranking. They are definitely more expensive than the other gloves in the list. The good thing is that they allow the rider to operate mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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