Best Motorcycle Gloves Review

Every motorcycle rider should wear gloves to protect his own hands. Some people think that the gloves are worn to make the rider look sexy however motorcycle gloves are about safeguarding yourself from injuries.

Any rider that doesn’t wear gloves will definitely get abrasions and other injuries. This is because bikes are just like cars; they are vulnerable to accidents and the bad thing is that they often happen without warning. There is no excuse for not wearing motorcycle gloves because they come in various sizes.

Besides that, most of them are affordable. As a beginner, you should look for the most reputable brands. It’s obvious that new products are introduced into the market every week but only a few are made to match with your needs.

On the other hand, you should be careful when shopping for motorcycle gloves because they can be easily confused with other type of gloves.

Cycling gloves or tactical gloves can’t be used on a motorcycle. This is because they are not designed to withstand extreme conditions. Such gloves are therefore useless to a motorcycle rider because they can’t protect his hands from injuries.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Gloves

Picking the best motorcycle gloves can be difficult for a beginner if they don’t have a checklist in mind. To start, you should consider the material that is used to construct the gloves. Gloves that are made from leather tend to have a longer lifespan than those made from polymer and microfibers.

Those made from leather need to be polished regularly to keep them looking nice. Gloves made from polymer and microfibers are also durable but they can only be cleaned using a washing machine.

You should go for gloves that come with a locking system. This ensures that they don’t become loose when you are on the road. Most gloves feature a hook and loop locking mechanism.

Knuckle protection is also very important. If the gloves you want to buy don’t come with a knuckle cage and individual finger knuckles, your fingers are at risk of being broken during a crash.

Quality gloves should have the highest level of dexterity so that you can operate mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones without any difficulty. There are some brands that come fitted with touch sensors at the tip of every finger.

What to Look for in Good Motorcycle Gloves

Buying the best motorcycle gloves can be a daunting task when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Motorcycle riders find it easier to give hand signals than using the indicators installed on their bikes.

Making hand signals becomes a problem at night if the gloves are not easily visible by other road users. It’s therefore recommended that you settle for gloves that are fitted with reflective materials because they will enhance your visibility when darkness falls.

Nice gloves should allow your hands to breath during the ride. Some gloves come with mesh while others come with small holes on individual fingers.

The palm of the gloves should be padded so that the shock from any crash doesn’t reach your skin. When the palms are padded, you’re guaranteed of having a firm grip over the handle bars.

The seams should be double stitched to prevent the padding material from wearing out. Good gloves should fit perfectly like a second layer of skin. If they are oversized, it will be hard for you to operate control buttons.

It’s also advisable to go for gloves that come with pre-folded fingers. Such gloves are easy to wear and remove, plus they retain their original shape after washing.

New Thinsulate Motorcycle Gloves

There are currently more than 100 customer reviews for New Thinsulate Motorcycle Gloves on Amazon. These gloves are constructed from high quality leather material.

They are very economical because you will not be buying them over and over. Since these gloves are made from leather, they do not allow water to go through.

You can therefore ride through the rain and your hands will remain dry no matter how heavy the downpour is. The seams will remain intact despite extreme conditions because they are double stitched.

The insides of these gloves are covered with a thin lining material to cushion the rider from the cold. The back of the hand is padded and rugged to minimize instances of sliding during a crash. Even the knuckles are protected from severe injuries by padding every finger.

The palm has also been reinforced with double layer padding to offer a strong grip and reduce friction. This is because the palms can get serious bruises when the rider crashes.

The fingers are pre-folded to make it easier for the rider to wear the gloves. The band at the wrist is designed to expand and it’s fitted with a Velcro strap for fastening purposes.


  • Made from leather
  • Water proof
  • Pre- folded fingers
  • Cheap
  • Unisex design


  • Double stitched seams
  • Thin inner lining
  • Expanding wrist band
  • Velcro strap
  • Padded knuckle shells


  • No reflective material
  • Not easy to use mobile devices


If you are looking for reliable gloves, look no further than New Thinsulate Motorcycle Gloves. These gloves are designed for both men and women. They come with a locking Velcro strap for fastening. Wearing and removing these gloves requires zero force because they have an expanding wrist band. These gloves offer all round hand protection due to the heavy padding that covers the back and the palm.

Tirain Multipurpose Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Tirain Multi purpose Motorcycle Riding Gloves will change the way you cruise. They are made from leather and nylon materials. They are therefore designed to last for a very long time which helps you save the money that would have been wasted on replacement gloves.

With these gloves, you can be sure that you will be spared from the pain that comes from abrasions and other injuries. The knuckle guards are actually made from a microfiber material. They can therefore survive from any kind of impact. In case you are involved in an accident, it’s the microfiber that will take all the punishment.

Other than boosting your safety, the microfiber material keeps your knuckles warm when the weather is cold. Besides that, the gloves are designed to be water proof which gives you the freedom to wear them when riding in the rain. The stitches have been done twice to make them strong.

The palm is covered with foam to prevent sliding on the ground and enable the rider to get a firm grip of the handles. The gloves come with maximum dexterity to allow the rider to make adjustments of the controls at ease. The rider can actually raise or lower the visor and turn on indicator buttons without any difficulty.

The fingers are pre-curved to allow for stress free wearing and removal. There is a hook and loop locking system at the wrist that’s meant for fastening the gloves.


  • Premium gloves
  • Made from PU leather and nylon
  • Available in various sizes
  • Airing system
  • High level dexterity


  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Double stitched seams
  • Non-skid rubber knuckle guards
  • Padded palm
  • Water resistant
  • Firm grip
  • Pre-folded fingers


  • No reflective material
  • Expensive


Tirain Multipurpose Motorcycle Riding Gloves will give you an impressive riding experience. You will no longer have to worry about getting injured because even if you crash, you will get out of the scene without any damages.

The gloves give you the freedom to focus on your goals while on the road and forget about the obstacles, which in return transforms you into a competitive rider. You won’t even slide on the ground due to the fact that the palm and the back of the hand are rugged to reduce potential friction.

There is no object that can prick through the gloves because they have knuckle guards that are constructed from microfiber material.

Rothco Cold Weather Neoprene Duty Gloves

Rothco Cold Weather Neoprene DutyGloves are made from pure leather. They are therefore long lasting because they don’t wear out fast. The leather material doesn’t allow water to go through it so your hands will remain dry throughout the journey. The thick coating material keeps your hands warm when the weather is extremely cold. The gloves feature double stitching to ensure that the seams remain intact for a very long time. The rider can push signal buttons and raise the visor and do other things. This is because the gloves fit just fine.
The knuckles are protected by a second layer of leather to divert shock. The gloves feature elegant designs that make the rider stand out in a crowd. In fact they can be matched with a regular motorcycle jacket. The good thing is that they are very comfortable due to the thick padding. The palm in particular is covered with foam to give the rider a strong grip and reduce friction in case of an accident. Some parts of the gloves are made from fabric material to allow air to penetrate. The wrist area is designed to allow unlimited hand rotation. The parts that are made from fabric enable the rider to make gestures during the night because the color is easily visible.


  • Fully armored gloves
  • Reinforced padding
  • Ergonomic design allows full unrestricted wrist movement
  • Knuckles protection
  • Complete hand coverage


  • Double stitch seams
  • Made from full grain goatskin leather
  • Four-point fingertip construction
  • Fabric material for ventilation
  • Easy to operate control buttons
  • Water proof


  • Not easy to clean
  • Hand signals not visible at night


Rothco Cold Weather Neoprene Duty Gloves are for any rider that cares about his safety. The gloves are designed to be worn and removed without using a lot of force. A slight pull is enough to release them from your hands. The gloves guarantee a steady grip over the handles because they are heavily padded to reduce instances of sliding.

With these gloves, you can ride your motorcycle with confidence because you are sure of surviving from any high impact crash. Not a single knuckle of yours will be broken or bruised thanks to the individual knuckle caps that absorb all the shock and pressure when you crash.

Interstate Leather Men’s Basic Driving Gloves

Interstate Leather Men’s Basic Driving Gloves are very durable because they are made from high quality leather material.

They are the type of accessories that you buy once and for all. One pair can actually serve you for many years without requiring a replacement.

The gloves have an inner lining to keep you warm throughout the ride. You can also ride comfortably in the rain while wearing these gloves thanks to their water proof leather material.

The gloves are available in various sizes that range between small and extra large. All you have to do is use their sizing chart before you order.

The palms are fitted with pads to make them resistant to sliding and offer the rider a strong grip on the handle bars. You can operate your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets while wearing these gloves. This is due to the fact they feature Golden Touch technology.

The seams are sealed with double stitching to make them resistant to wear and tear. In fact, the seams have smooth edges that can’t be felt by your fingers on the inner side of the gloves. The gloves won’t come off during a crash because there is a Velcro Closure system at the wrist section that’s reserved for fastening them.

The gloves feature embossed knuckle protection that keep your fingers safe from crash impact. Wearing the gloves is pretty simple because they come with pre-curved fingers.


  • Leather construction
  • Inner lining
  • Slide resistant
  • Double layered leather
  • Reinforced palms


  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Knuckle protection
  • Elastic wrist
  • Velcro Closure system
  • Double stitched seams


  • Requires machine wash
  • Not ideal for hand signals at night


Interstate Leather Men’s Basic Driving Gloves are highly recommended for any rider that values comfort and safety.

The gloves give the confidence to ride with peace of mind. You will never suffer from abrasions or any other injury on your hands. This is because the gloves have two layers of leather material.

The fingers are also safe due to the inclusion of knuckle protection. Whether the weather is cold or hot, you will enjoy wearing these gloves.